Your 401k funds and Investing in Real Estate

October 11, 2019 0 Comments

Have you been laid off, fired or recently retired from your job? Do you have a 401K with that previous company that you haven’t rolled over yet?

If so, I would highly recommend that you join the Facebook Group “Investors Network Community (INC)” and more importantly attend the monthly meetings. With new members joining daily, INC’s 2,800+ members are from the U.S. and countries around the globe. The INC’s membership includes those who are just starting out in investing as well as those who have been actively investing for 30+ years. EVERYONE is equally appreciated. The members are from all aspects of the Real Estate Investing World.

Once there, learn about investing in Real Estate using your 401K. I would also highly recommend you talk to my friend, Chris Tanner at New Direction Trust Company ( and talk to him about moving your old 401K to a Self Directed IRA and use those funds to invest in Real Estate.

When I got laid off from a company I’d rather not name, I transferred my 401k funds from the company into a self-directed fund with Chris that I manage and use to invest in Real Estate. With that fund, I am currently a partner for 3 Single Family Homes and 2 Apartment Complexes. I have used my fund to lend money to associates for their Real Estate Projects. I have made MUCH more money with my fund than when that “not-to-be-named” company was managing my funds.

Investing in Real Estate has some risks, of course. When educated you can navigate those risks, learning how to do “Due Diligence”, establishing a network of people that WANT YOU TO SUCCEED and become truly successful.

Investors Network Community (INC) ( is the best thing I’ve come across. Katy Fleming and I Co-Direct the group which has been going strong for 8 years. INC is built around a “facilitated networking” model where members are assisted in engaging with one another so that the learning and relationships built are collaborative and productive. Based on research on how adults learn best, INC meetings are interactive, with members actively involved in both leading and participating in the discussions.

The friendships, mentors, partners, and EDUCATION that I have gained from that group are so VERY valuable to me. They have taught me, worked with me and partnered with me. If you don’t join INC, find a small personable group like INC, join and be active in the group.

James D Edenfield, LSG Funding