LSG Funding now has a dedicated SBA Resource as part of our team.

September 20, 2019 0 Comments

For your business project, LSG Funding can assist with the property purchase, rehab and/or construction. Our SBA Resource will help you with the business side of your project. He is an expert on the Small Business Administration Loan SBA 7a. He does one thing and one thing only and that is the SBA 7a Loans.

Our SBA Resource is a great resource for SBA 7a loans. That is due to his flexible approach to underwriting. The following are some of the factors which separate him apart from the competition: 

  • No industries are excluded from consideration. 
  • The bank considers financing single-purpose properties such as gas stations, car washes, assisted living, childcare, funeral homes, recreation, hotels, etc. 
  • Start-up businesses and business expansions are considered. 
  • Projected cash flow is considered if well documented business plans and projections support it. Historical cash flow is reviewed, but not necessarily required. 
  • Collateral is secondary to cash flow, as long as collateral meets the SBA requirements. 
  • While good personal credit is desired, explanations for reasonable situations are considered. 
  • Direct management experience is desired; however, exceptions are considered for transferable experience. 
  • Outside personal income can help mitigate certain underwriting issues. Likewise, outside guarantees can also help. 
  • Lower equity injection can be mitigated by other underwriting criteria. 
  • All types of loans are considered including real estate purchases, business acquisitions, tenant improvements, franchises, equipment purchases, working capital, refinancing and combinations of the foregoing. 

If you have a project to develop, contact and let’s get the process started.