Multifamily Bridge Loans

Apartment Bridge Loans – For sponsors interested in a reliable source of financing for their apartment buildings, our loans provide the flexibility and certainty to execute on their value-add projects

  • Loans from $1MM to $15MM
  • Eligible Transactions: Purchase, recapitalization, refinance (Including Cash Out), upgrades and/or seasoning
  • Max LTV: Up to 70% of the stabilized value
  • Rate: starting at 5.99%
  • Minimum Occupancy: 70% (lower in some instances)
  • Points: Determined by the property, sponsor, and Loan
  • Closings: In as little as 20 business days
  • Amortization: Interest Only (No interest charged on undisposed funds)
  • Loan Term: 12-36 Months
  • Guarantee: Non-Recourse and Recourse Options
  • Eligible Properties: Any Apartments 5 Units (Per door minimum $50k)

Advantages of MultiFamily Bridge Loans

  • Specialize in value-add projects
  • Fast closings in as little as 20 business days
  • No DSCR Minimum required at purchase
  • Flexible loan structures that often are for agency misses, lease-up or turn-around stories

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