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This is the borrower's personal name, not the business or entity name. If there is more than one borrower, please list all names. If a Partnership is applying, have the person with the highest FICO and most Experience fill out the application.
Please list the name of the borrower's business that will be occupying the property or the entity name in which title will be vested (if applicable).
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A Fix & Flip Loan Amount will include the purchase price and rehab costs Re-Finance cost and any cash that you wish to receive. In the details area below, list specifics of loan... Purchase Price, Downpayment, Amount for Rehab or Amount for Cash out.
What was/is the purchase price of the property to be financed?
This is the After Repairs Value. You will need to complete some comps to establish this. Do NOT consider listing prices. Only compare SOLD prices.
List the funds that are needed for your Re-Hab, "OR" Cash-Out. This is the amount of cash, up to our allowable LTV, you want to pull out of the property and receive at closing. State amount and purpose
This is the total debt owed on the property including all mortgages and liens that must be paid off at closing.
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The house you are going to purchase/refinance.
The house you are going to purchase/refinance.
The house you are going to purchase/refinance.
The house you are going to purchase/refinance.
For an apartment or multi-family such as a 4-plex, count the units. If the subject property is a Single Family House, it would be ONE unit
How many units are rented out currently
Who will provide Insurance for the project?
Name the person at the Title Company you wish to use.
Please provide any information that you think will help us better understand this loan request. If you are asking for cash at closing, list purpose. Please included any financing issues or barriers (i.e. bankruptcy, deferred maintenance, etc.).
How many real estate projects have you completed or worked on. This is a key factor in determining your rate. Later we will provide a spreadsheet for you to list all of your projects.
Who referred you to LSG Funding or how did you find us?
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Please provide any supporting documentation in your possession, this is not required but will expedite our review. If we require additional documentation, it will be requested from the borrower directly so please ensure the provided borrower contact information is accurate. Do not upload files greater than 25 MB.

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